What I Learned at Hack Michiana and Why I’m Going Back

Hack Michiana

Hacking at The Branch

Every month The Branch sponsors Hack Michiana, which is the local Code for America brigade. I decided that I needed to check this out. My whole goal as an intern here is to learn as much as possible.  As I walked through the snow towards the meeting last Thursday, I kept thinking “I have nothing to contribute. I know nothing about how to code or develop software”. I was a little leery about going, after all it is Code for America, how can attend a meeting without actually knowing how to code?

We introduced ourselves and I discovered I was not the only one that did not know how to code or how to manipulate software. What a relief! Everyone there had different backgrounds and skill sets. I immediately felt at ease. We were all there for a common goal: better the community. Myself and a few others talked about an on-going project that involves outside maintenance of vacant properties in South Bend. I may not be as tech savvy as others, but I keep up on different social media platforms and ways that people communicate. This is how I can help. Everyone had little bits of information, that when put together, created great ideas.

The same idea applies to coworking. You don’t have to be on the verge of a million dollar idea in order to cowork. You can be someone that is starting to think about a new business venture, or someone that works from home, or telecommutes.The idea of coworking is to generate ideas and a sense of community. We can become so involved in our work that we put blinders up. Coworking takes the blinders down and introduces new ideas or perspectives that could be exactly what you need to advance in your career.

From now on, you can find me, the second Thursday of every month at Hack Michiana. I probably still will not know much about coding, but I will be contributing any way I can.