Welcome Jessica Reyes, Social Media Intern

Jessica ReyesProviding a place where people can come and work, network, and build community is what we are all about. We have had the opportunity to work with some amazing people since we have been open. Our office has been filled with people talking about their ideas and innovations, as well as their experiences in their fields and how it may help others. Sipping on some good coffee and enjoying a magnificent blueberry muffin from Main Street Roasters downstairs is, of course, an added benefit. We want to share all of these great experiences with others. This is why we added someone new.

This fall we have provided an internship to a local student from IUSB. Jessica Reyes is an anthropology major in her last semester at IUSB. During her time here, she will be learning the finer workings of social media marketing and learning what coworking is all about. Jessica has developed a passion for cyber cultures and the growing global culture and economy. She explains, “I decided that I wanted to work on a local level with social media and creating community. I think that sharing knowledge and resources is the key to success”. Her advisor at IUSB suggested that she contact Dan. “It was a perfect fit”, says Jessica, “this is exactly what I wanted to do”. She explains that coworking and her goals fit together perfectly. We agree. What better way to gain knowledge and experience than talking with others from all different viewpoints.

Jessica will only be interning with us until December, which only gives us a few months to help her advance her skills. Feel free to give her some pointers if you see her around, or you can drop her an e-mail welcoming her to The Branch.