Things We are Thankful For

The Branch Coworking is Thankful TodayJust about 19 months ago, we opened our doors to coworkers in downtown South Bend. It’s been a very exciting year and a half, and with the Thanksgiving holiday around the corner, we wanted to stop and share what we are thankful for.

  1. Our Members – Without our members, we are nothing. So, for those members that have been with us a long time, and for those who have been with us a short time, we say “Thank You.” We appreciate your partnership with us in the journey we call coworking.
  2. Extending Mercy – Crazy things happen in life. We had a couple members fall quite ill over the last year. We are thankful that because we are bootstrapping, and in a position to cancel invoices that were sent before we were aware of the health issues. We are thankful for their return to good health, and hope to see them as members in the future when the immediate health concerns are long in the past.
  3. Learning – This is a key component to growing as people and as a business. We are thankful for the coaching and mentoring from Alan Steele at the Small Business Development Center.  Alan has been helpful as a sounding board and advisor. We are thankful for our commercial real estate brokers Dan Skodras and Chris Barth from Bradley Co.. Dan and Chris have been extremely patient as we navigated commercial real estate. We even learned some lessons from mistakes we made. We are thankful for all of them.
  4. Community – We had the pleasure of hosting Hack Michiana, a Code for America Brigade, as well as Global Game Jam and Startup Weekend Michiana. We love the community, and are happy to contribute to it. We look forward to hosting Global Game Jam 2015.
  5. For Places to Start – We are thankful that within the downtown South Bend area, there are commercial spaces that are affordable for startups like ourselves. A healthy business ecosystem needs places that can foster growth, and innovation, and do it at a financial risk that is tolerable. For us, the JMS Building was just such a place, and we are thankful for that. We had great neighbors like Main Street Coffee House and Little i Apps.
  6. For Places to Grow – We are pleased to announce that we have executed a new lease and will be relocating to 105 E. Jefferson, Suite 500, just upstairs from Chicory Cafe. The upgrade in our space will allow us to continue to grow the coworking community in South Bend into the future. Stay tuned for more information. The move will happen in mid-December!