South Bend Startups, Coworking is for you!

StartupStarting a business is a complex challenge. Starting a business without a strong support network can be daunting. That’s where The Branch can help.

The Branch is the place for startups.

The Branch is an ideal place for startups. We are not only a location, but we’re a community. And, like any community, this one is unique. The Branch is a startup itself. We know the challenges of startups, and are creating a community for startups. If you’re a startup, below are just some of the benefits we think you will value. If you don’t agree, please let us know. If something is missing, contact The Branch about that, too.

Short Term Flexibility

We don’t ask you to sign a year-long lease (or longer). You can scale your usage level up or down, from an average of one day per week up to full time 24/7 access. Of course, we would be happy if your business outgrow our physical location, too. If you do, there will be options for you to expand to another part of the building we will reside in. You can grow your business without moving away from the valuable relationships.

Business Presence

There’s value in having an office presence. You add legitimacy to your operation when you have a physical business address that is not in a residence. You now have a place to meet clients and business partners. We love coffee shops, too, but they are not always conducive to business meetings. Post office boxes can seem a bit “fly by night.” Even if you don’t need the space full time, you can use it as your business’s home base.

Ease of Setup

When you lease an office space directly from a property management company, there are an abundance of details to work through; furnishing, office equipment, insurance, phone provider, internet provider, and lease agreements. You can avoid all the hassle by joining The Branch. One monthly membership and you’re off and running.

Supported, but not Incubated

Incubators are a great fit for some startups, and not for others. Here is one person’s view on what to consider related to an incubator. We offer a supportive environment, and access to other people with a diverse set of skills, and an opportunity to develop your business. We’re continually building relationships with professionals who will advise members of The Branch.

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