South Bend Green Space Mashup from Hack Michiana

South Bend Green Spaces Combined!

Government entities are making data available in ways that allow citizens to access it without jumping through all the hoops of formal requests. Nationally, there are “civic hackers” that are solving real problems by mashing together various pieces of public data to make it more valuable for citizens. We have an active group of hackers in South Bend.

South Bend is one of few cities in the country to have an Open Data Platform. At The Branch, we are happy to be hosting a group of citizens called Hack Michiana that are working on projects to use the available data.

Among all the data on the South Bend Open Data Portal, there is a data set that contains the South Bend Parks and Features. The South Bend Unity Gardens also has their locations available on their site.

At our September 12th Hack Michiana event, we took information about South Bend Park locations from the South Bend data portal, and combined (i.e., hacked) it together with the locations of Unity Gardens in the area. What resulted was a map that contains a lot of green spaces in South Bend:

There are any number of things that can be done with public data. In addition to South Bend data, there is a national data portal. We are only limited by our imagination, and hope you will join us and contribute to the effort.

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