South Bend Coworking for Everybody

We recently saw a post about coworking spaces who permitted only female members. While the founders of a space are welcome to make their own rules, it took us by surprise. Coworking spaces come in many flavors. Some are in mansion-like homes, some are in converted industrial buildings. Some coworking caters to “messy” enterprises like art studios, and some are for whose endeavors are music. And, now there are some coworking spaces whose membership is exclusively female.
This article mentions the female-only coworking space as a reaction to coworking spaces with kegs and ping-pong tables. They have chosen to counter that flavor of “masculine” space with their own flavor of “feminine” coworking.
In case there is confusion, or doubt, about how welcoming The Branch is to people of different sexes, we want to make it clear: we welcome everybody. Our membership is almost exactly 50/50 male/female. Some of our members have come through the SPARK program for women entrepreneurs. We’ve instituted a program in an effort to support armed service veterans who are entrepreneurs. If cost is a limiting factor to joining, talk to us, and we’ll see how we might best meet your cost constraints.
While we don’t have a ping-pong table and keg, we do offer complimentary snacks and drinks. There are granola bars, candy, oatmeal, and mints. There is coffee and tea in the kitchenette, and a water cooler, soda (or, “pop”), bottles of beer, and wine available should you want to partake.
We understand that an “open” concept doesn’t work for everyone. Because of that, we offer a variety of work environments. If you want to work in an open setting, that is available. If you need some privacy, we have offices that are available for use. There is no up-sell. Everyone has access to the printer, conference rooms, and fast (up to 100 Mbps) Internet. There are no hidden costs. Membership can be for as little as a day a month, or full time. Members get keys to come and go as they please. We trust our members.
If you have any suggestions for how we could better meet your needs, we are all ears. Our goal is to be as welcoming and accommodating as possible. But, if you do have an all-women’s group that needs a place to meet, we are happy to give you a tour and discuss membership.