Beyond the Home Office

Work at Home Alternative - Coworking

If you feel a sense of isolation working at home, it might be time to try coworking. Work within a diverse group and build professional connections.

Home is where the heart is. But, if it is also where your office is, it can be full of distractions, too. When there aren’t distractions, there can be a sense of isolation. What can you do? Coworking might be just the fix.

Coworking memberships at The Branch are designed to meet a variety of needs. We have a membership for just $25/month for people who only occasionally need to grab a desk or an office for an hour or two here or there, or perhaps for a whole day. We also have membership plans designed for people who want a place to work a day a week.

There are no hidden costs like some coworking spaces have. We have blazing fast wired and wireless internet. We have a multi-function laser printer. There are complimentary soft drinks and snacks. Best of all, you work near other professionals in the heart of downtown South Bend’s restaurants and coffee shops.

Contact us via e-mail ( or by phone: 574-367-2441 to arrange a visit.

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