Coworking as a Headquarters or Satellite Office

Grow your business coworking at The Branch.

Some small businesses are ready to move out of a home office, or are seeking to save money from an under-utilized office they are ready to move out of. Other businesses are seeking to expand their geographic footprint, and need a satellite office. At The Branch, we accommodate both types of businesses.

Among our members, we have some who use The Branch as their business headquarters. For consultants, writers, or attorneys, it can be valuable to have a business address. The downtown South Bend mailing address adds legitimacy to the business. Also, they no longer have to share a home address on their business cards. As a headquarters, we offer coworking, meeting rooms, and private offices. With flexible, month-to-month memberships, you do not have a long-term commitment.

For businesses that are established in other cities and looking to branch out, we make a great satellite office. For example, imagine that you are an Elkhart or Niles-based business and want to expand to South Bend. With coworking at The Branch, you can establish a true South Bend business presence with minimal financial risk. Should you outgrow The Branch, you are not under a long-term commitment. And, if you find that we suit your needs for the long run, we’re happy to have you as long-term members.

So, whether you’re looking for a headquarters, or to open a satellite office, The Branch has you covered.