This Independence Day, Celebrate our Interdependence

Celebrate InterdependenceWith Independence Day just around the corner, we want to take a moment to celebrate our interdependence. Small business plays a vital role in our country. Small businesses create goods and services. We innovate on existing products and invent new ones. We give back to the communities that we call home. and we get great joy from meeting the needs of our customers and employees.

While we are often described as “independent” small businesses, we want to take a moment to recognize the interdependence we have, as well. Without interdependence, we would not be in business for long.

We are interdependent with our customers. We provide goods and services at a fair price, and customers patronize our business.
We are interdependent on each other, for community, connection, and knowledge.
We are interdependent on the government for interstate commerce, security, and keeping regulation at a reasonable level.
We are interdependent with our employees for providing an environment of respect and mutual benefit.
We are interdependent with those who depend on us to continue operating in a responsible way, making it more likely that we will be in business for years to come.

Thank you, customers, for your patronage. At The Branch, we are very pleased to provide an environment for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers to work on meeting the needs of their customers.
Thank you, advisers, for the wisdom you have shared with us as we got started and for the mentoring us as we grow.
Thank you, City of South Bend, for keeping the downtown safe and clean. We are happy to call the Central Business District of South Bend our home.
Thank you, community, for joining us for the Hack Michiana event, and for this fall’s Startup Weekend Michiana event.
As we grow, we anticipate adding employees, but in keeping with a responsible growth plan, we are not going to put the cart in front of the horse.

If you would like to visit us and see how we might be able to help your business, contact The Branch so we can find out how to best help you.